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Raid World War II

Date : 05-2018 Languages: Eng
Platform : PS4 Fw 5.05 Genre : Action

Release Info:

RAID: World War II is an action-packed four player cooperative shooter set in
Europe during World War II, where you and your friends aims to thwart the Nazi
onslaught. Four prisoners of war – Sterling, Rivet, Kurgan and Wolfgang have
been freed by \”Mrs. White,\” a secret British Intelligence Operative, who needs
someone to take down Hitler and his Third Reich once and for all.
Their objective is to fight the war – without rules or mercy. Their reward is
all the Nazi gold they can carry.

Release Notes:

CUSA 08490


For now, in order to play our rips you will need :

– a PS4 with Firmware 5.05

– a computer to run the PS4 Exploit Host :


– Unpack PS4 Exploit Host on your computer

– Configure your PS4 to use your computer\’s IP as DNS servers

– Format your USB drive/key to exFAT

– Copy our .pkg file to the root of your USB drive/key

– Plug your USB drive/key to one of the USB ports of your PS4

– On your PS4, go to \’Settings\’, \’User\’s Guide\’

– Start one of the exploits, i.e. CelesteBlue123/LightningMods\’ one

– Go to Debug Settings / Game / Package Installer

– Install our .pkg and start the game

– Enjoy !

Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release

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